"Baxter St. to the north, Hoover St. to the west, Lorena St. to the east, Jefferson to the south. Compare this map with... the same map printed four years later. Considerable development occurs during that period including additional public transportation lines. Printing process: lithography by Schmidt Label & Lith. Co., 21-31 Main St. S. F. and 15 Downey Block, Los Angeles, Cal. Copyright 1887."

LOS ANGELES BREWING CO. EASTSIDE BEER / MAIER BREWING CO. BREW 102 — Advertisements in The Los Angeles Times: 1900 – 1979

"The Maier Brewing Company started as the Ed. Preuss & Company Philadelphia Brewery in 1874. The following year, it became the D. Mahlstedt Company Philadelphia Brewery, and then the Maier & Zobelein Brewery, located in Los Angeles, in 1882. When Maier and Zobelein dissolved their partnership in 1907, the brewery became the Maier Brewing Company, located at 500 East Commercial Street, Los Angeles. Existing for several decades, the Maier Brewing Company was purchased by the General Brewing Company in 1971, but was later closed in 1974. Eastside Beer was bottled by Los Angeles Brewing Company, owned by George Zobelein, a former partner of Maier and Zobelein Brewery. After the two split in 1907, Zobelein named his new beer 'Eastside' since Los Angeles Brewing Company was located east of the Los Angeles River at 600 Moulton Avenue, and the 1920-2026 block of Main Street. The bottling facility was eventually sold and became the Pabst Brewery."

‘GRASP OF WAR’ SPEECH, by Richard Henry Dana, Jr., June 21, 1865 — featuring images from, ‘TWO YEARS BEFORE THE MAST,’ 1840

"Now, we have got to choose between two results. With these four millions of negroes, either you must have four millions of disfranchised, disarmed, untaught, landless, thriftless, non-producing, non-consuming, degraded men, or else you must have four millions of land-holding, industrious, arms-bearing, and voting population. [Loud applause.] Choose between these two!"