"Baxter St. to the north, Hoover St. to the west, Lorena St. to the east, Jefferson to the south. Compare this map with... the same map printed four years later. Considerable development occurs during that period including additional public transportation lines. Printing process: lithography by Schmidt Label & Lith. Co., 21-31 Main St. S. F. and 15 Downey Block, Los Angeles, Cal. Copyright 1887."

THE SMOG THAT WASN’T THERE, by Ralph Nader, 1965

"'We have done everything that it is within our power to do. We have cleaned up industries that other sections of the country have deemed impossible to control — steel mills, petroleum refineries, smelters, railroads, shipping. We have helped our electrical utilities obtain more gas for their steam plants. We have issued 5,000 citations in the last three years, and levied half a million dollars in fines. Despite this, we still have smog. There remains one source of air pollution beyond our power to control. Every day in Los Angeles County, 2,700,000 automobiles are burning 5 million gallons of gasoline, and fouling our air with 8,000 tons of contaminants. These emissions include: 6,400 tons of carbon monoxide, 300 tons of oxides of nitrogen and 1,050 tons of hydrocarbons."

THE VULGARIANS, by Robert Osborn, January 1, 1960

"Moisturize your lips and we will examine the present corruption of our greatness. And see to what ends our natural riches and our freedoms have been put. This exploratory operation will be undocumented yet in its process we will see what over-weaning desire for money and comfort is doing to America ... and understand, perhaps, why beats the heart so slowly and whence comes the silver slick of cancer on the soul."