The Los Angeles Times 1898: Historical Views of the Maier and Zobelein Brewery

"The Progress of a Home Industry. Maier and Zobelein Brewery. 'Make The best Beer In Southern California. The Only Strictly Home Beer Manufacturers in Los Angeles. Patronize Home Industry.' We make a specialty of best grades of Bottled Beer for family trade, and deliver to all parts of the city, in pints and quarts."

The Los Angeles Times Midwinter Number January 1st, 1899

"Pictured: the old Aliso tree, Aliso Street, Los Angeles, cut down in 1891. 'Patronize Home Industry.' The Maier and Zobelein Brewery, Aliso, Vignes and Commercial Streets, 1899."

Many Famous Fourths Held in Los Angeles, by George W. Kirkman, 1927

"Many famous Fourths has our ancient city seen, in its dramatic and colorful history; but some of them were epochal enough to have deep interest and special significance to all Angelenos."