THE VULGARIANS, by Robert Osborn, January 1, 1960

"Moisturize your lips and we will examine the present corruption of our greatness. And see to what ends our natural riches and our freedoms have been put. This exploratory operation will be undocumented yet in its process we will see what over-weaning desire for money and comfort is doing to America ... and understand, perhaps, why beats the heart so slowly and whence comes the silver slick of cancer on the soul."

ALASKAN DOGS GOD’S ANGELS: Former Manchester Man Found Wrapped in Yukon Mystery, by Mary Carolyn Macnell, 1924

"The winter snows of the Sierras were the entire reason for the Big Creek Project. As the heavy snowpack melted, the runoff water was stored in reservoirs, then used to generate electricity before going down to irrigate crops in the San Joaquin Valley below. Unfortunately, the heavy snowfalls at higher altitudes made construction of portions of the project very difficult, shortening the working season and making transportation difficult."

MURALS ARE HIDDEN GEMS: Robin Dunitz Slides of Los Angeles Murals, 1925-2002

"The photographer, Robin Dunitz, was a long time resident of Los Angeles, an independent researcher on the city's murals, and tour director of the Murals Conservancy of Los Angeles. She documented Los Angeles' murals from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. The University of Southern California collection consists of more than 2,000 digitized 35mm slides of murals in Los Angeles photographed by Robin Dunitz."