Kern River No. 1 Power Plant of the Edison Electric Company, Los Angeles, August 31, 1907

"The Kern River No. 1 transmission line terminates in Los Angeles, 117 miles from the power plant, at the steam and transformer station known as Los Angeles No. 3. This station is constructed to receive, transform and distribute to the local sub-stations power transmitted from the company's water-power plants on Santa Ana River, Mill Creek, Lytle Creek and Kern River, and also contains a large steam auxiliary plant to supplement the water- generated power. It receives power at 60,000 and 30,000 volts and generates and distributes at 16,000 and 2300 volts."

Synchronous Condensers in High-Tension System, by J. W. Andree

"52,500 Kva. of Synchronous Condenser Capacity is Used for the Extensive High-Tension System of the Southern California Company — Functions of Condensers Discussed — How Equipment Is Operated for Maximum Economy"