First Americans in Los Angeles, by Margaret Romer, 1924

"On Christmas Day in the year 1828 the American brig 'Danube' was wrecked on the rocks at San Pedro. The crew were rescued and a few of them remained as settlers. Among these was John Groningen, a German. The Spanish people could not twist their tongues around the name so they called him Juan Domingo."

California’s Gabrielino Indians, by Bernice Johnston, 1962

"There were no wine presses and the grapes were placed in huge shallow vats placed near the 'zanja' or water ditch. The Indians were made to bathe their feet in the zanja and then step into the vats where they trod rhythmically up and down in the grapes to press out the juice. The juice was drained off into larger vats where it was left to stand until fermentation. Then it was clarified, aged and bottled or barreled."