THE FAMOUS SYCAMORES — The Los Angeles Brewing Company, 1903

Brewery Talk No. 2 — The Famous Sycamores

“On the ground now occupied by this brewery, stand five old sycamores that have defied the elements for over ninety-five years. Legendary history tells us that this spot was famous as a meeting place for the Spaniards and Indians: that here the swarthy ‘Dons’ of Mexico and the weather-beaten sachems of the plains met to smoke the pipe of peace.

These trees yet stand, hale and hearty. The grounds are being improved by putting in fountains to bubble up at the feet of these historical old landmarks and nourish their roots during the long, hot days of summer. Everything conceivable is being done to preserve them in their pristine beauty, as they are looked upon as a fair omen by all who know their history.

But speaking of the origin of these trees takes us back more than ninety-five years. Since then times have changed. The spot that was once the council chamber of the sluggish Spaniards and the robust braves of the plains is now marked by The Los Angeles Brewery.

Although but five years old, this brewery is making rapid progress and continually adding new conveniences for the production of Los Angeles Beer, which is recognized all over the Western Coast as the symbol of purity and excellence. Its great merit commends it to all who enjoy good, wholesome beer. It is brewed under absolutely sanitary conditions, and nothing but the best and purest materials are used. Los Angeles Beer is good beer — it gives nourishment to the weak — sustainment to the strong. Sold in all first-class hotels and restaurants, and by the best dealers everywhere. As for it.

Visitors always welcome at the brewery.”

“Here is the brewery that produces the finest beer on the Western Coast — Los Angeles beer. Its beginning dates back to August of 1897, when four energetic business men formed the Los Angeles Brewing Co. A desirable site was secured, the necessary buildings erected, the apparatus installed, and in May of 1898 the first drop of Los Angeles beer was put upon the market.”

-Excerpt and images courtesy of the Library of Congress, Chronicling America, Los Angeles Daily Times, Los Angeles Record, Los Angeles Herald, “Brewery Talk Nos. 1 – 20,” May – July, 1903

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